Beijing Tiantan hospital cold storage project

Customer Background: Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Tiantan Hospital”) was founded on August 23, 1956. It is a class A general hospital with neurosurgery as its guide and neuroscience cluster as its characteristic. It is a clinical, scientific and teaching base of neurosurgery in Asia. National Center for Clinical Medicine of Neurological Diseases, National Center for Medical Quality Control of Neurological Diseases, National Medical Qualification Examination Practical Skills Examination Base, National Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment Office, WHO Neuroscience Training Cooperation Center, Beijing Institute of Neurosurgery, Capital Medical University Fifth Clinical Medical College Such institutions are located in hospitals.

Cold Storage Project
All drug refrigeration and refrigeration depots in this hospital are installed by our company. Build in strict accordance with GSP requirements. We provide insulation board, refrigeration equipment, control system, 24-hour temperature monitoring system, alarm system. At present, everything is in good use.