China Cases ———–Food Cold storage Project

Beijing Fruit Center

Coca-Cola Cold Storage

Beijing Cold Chain Logistics Center

Beijing Fruit Cold Store

Cold Storage in Food Production Plant

Tianjin Low Temperature Cold Storage Project

Inner Mongolia case

Chi Feng Fruit and Vegetable Base

Hangzhou Macao bean scoop

Beijing Cryogenic Cold Storage

Chengdu logistics company

Quick-frozen Cold Storage

Shanghai food cold storage

Frozen tunnel

Shanxi Vegetable Refrigeration Storage

Fresh Flower Preservation Refrigerator

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Project for Fruits
Fruit cold Storage
Fruit & CA cold Storage

Banana ripening and fresh-keeping storehouse

Apple, Cherry, Kiwifruit, Pear, Pomegranate CA cold storage

China Cases ———–medicine Cold storage Project

Pharmaceutical and Biological Company Refrigerator

Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Biomedical Cold Chain Logistics Center Project

Global health drug research Center

Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Pharmaceutical company cold storage project

Medical Refrigerator
Pharmaceutical company cold storage project
pharmaceutical cold storage