Beijing cryogenic cold storage

Beijing  4000 tons cryogenic cold storage project

Customer Background: Customers mainly build refrigerators and rent them for use. Four thousand tons are divided into eight rooms, which can be rented separately or in multiple rooms. At present, the project has been running for 2 years and the equipment is in good condition.

Project information: Storage tonnage 4000 tons, covering an area of 3500 square meters, 75 m long, 40 m wide, 6.5 m high, design temperature – 18 – 25 ℃.

Structure type: steel structure + thermal insulation + refrigeration construction period: steel structure 50 days + refrigeration 80 days.

Refrigeration System: Bizel Screw Parallel Unit + Evaporative Condenser + Aluminum Pipe

Warehouse insulation: PU150mm portal size: 2200*2600

Control mode: Full automatic + manual unloading platform width 4 meters