9、Defrosting Problem of cold storage

Frosting on air coolers is also a relatively common condition. Many customers’ refrigerating fans will cause the equipment to fail to operate after frost, which affects the preservation of goods. Therefore, it is necessary to defrost in time, so why does the air cooler freeze? Where is the frost?

  Why is the air cooler frosting?

   There are many reasons for the frost of the air cooler, such as damage to the heating pipe, evaporator structure, atmospheric environment (temperature, humidity) and air flow rate. The order that affects the performance of frost and air-cooled air cooler is: the temperature difference between the intake air and the air cooler, the humidity of the intake air, the distance between the fins and the intake air flow.

  How to defrost the air cooler?

   1. It is cost-effective to use manual defrost and electric heating tube, but damage to electric heating tube is also a common method. Manual defrosting is usually used in small refrigerators.

   2. Use ordinary water flushing and large air conditioning refrigeration system. In water-deficient areas, electric heating pipes can be used to defrost air coolers, and in areas where water and electricity are convenient, flush water air coolers can be used.

   There is another important factor in the frosting and defrosting of cold storage. The setting of the defrost time of the cold storage should be based on the quantity and type of goods stored in the cold storage, the number of defrosts, the time and the stop temperature, rather than the defrost temperature probe and defrost temperature. Frost time control.

  Many users who use pipes to build cold storage often worry about frost. Although the cold storage with pipes is more energy-efficient than the fan, it must be defrosted frequently in the later period, otherwise it will affect the use of the cold storage, and may cause severe frost and lead to the collapse of the warehouse. Today, the editor of “Haoshuang Refrigeration” has compiled several defrosts for your reference.

   Four common defrosting methods for cold storage: manual defrosting, electrical defrosting method, water spraying defrosting method, and hot air defrosting method.

   1. Manual defrost: Manual defrost Manual defrost is a more suitable defrost method. Although this is causing the pipeline to deform and leak refrigerant.

   2. Electric defrost: Electric defrost is usually used for fans. The aluminum fins are equipped with electric heating wires. Because of the long pipeline, the cold storage is difficult to construct, and the failure rate in the later period is high. Therefore, electric defrosting is rarely used.

  1. Water spray defrosting: Use warm water spray to cool the evaporator to melt and defrost, but this is more used for fan frosting, which is difficult to operate in the case of large exhaust pipes and will cause cold storage The floor is freezing. Submerged.   
  2. Hot gas defrosting: The hot, high-temperature gaseous condensate directly enters the evaporator without being intercepted, and the temperature of the evaporator will rise, which will promote the melting or peeling of the junction between the frost layer and the cold exhaust gas. Hot gas defrosting is economical and reliable, maintenance and management are convenient, and investment and construction are not difficult.    The above are four common defrosting methods provided by Haoshuang Pipeline Cold Storage. hope it helps you. If you need to know the defrosting method of the air cooler and the cause of frosting, please contact us.