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We are a professional engineering company focusing on refrigeration engineering construction.

Our Service: EPC contractor to build projects under 10,000 tons.

Our capability: Provide equipment with temperature of – 100 Celsius.

Our capacity: apply to food storage, fruit and vegetable preservation, aquatic refrigeration, poultry freezing, e-commerce cold chain logistics, chemical storage, medical equipment and drug storage, environmental climate room and other construction of low-temperature cold storage.

Our capacity: build a cold storage project under 20 meters high

Our capacity: design, supply equipment, China shipment, construction sites around the world, technical guidance, installation and commissioning, training and use. Provide spare parts for fragile and wearable parts.

Project drawings: provide drawings, quotations, construction drawings, technical specifications.



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Our Vision

We are willing to be the most loyal partner of our customers. From the customer’s point of view, we can maximize the return of our customers’investment.

Our Vision

We hope to provide high quality refrigeration engineering one-stop product service providers and refrigeration engineering integrated contractors for small and medium-sized enterprises in the world. Through providing high quality refrigeration engineering products and projects for small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide, the value-added products of low-temperature refrigeration can be solved for customers.



We are willing to be your most valuable design subcontractor.

We are willing to be your most valuable purchasing subcontractor.

We are willing to be your most valuable construction subcontractor.

We are willing to provide you with the most valuable project management support.

We are willing to show you the refined and specialized refrigeration products and engineering projects in China.

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