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Cost Budgeting

Before we begin cost budgeting, we first need to know the dimensions and parameters needed for your cold storage unit as well as the intended application. We can design different temperature ranges according to different parameters and usages.

Price Of Compressor Refrigeration

20,000m³ Cold storage of logistics base

Refrigeration Compressor Unit

Outside of cold storage

After knowing the size, temperature, application and other basic information, we will choose suitable refrigeration units, thermal insulation materials and cold storage accessories and compile a complete cost plan.

What are the typical costs associated with cold storage units?

Price Of Compressor Refrigeration

Jamaica cold storage engineering

Refrigeration Compressor Unit

Setting up storage rack

  1. Storehouse cost: such as polyurethane board, reinforced beam or column, roof and floor. If civil engineering is needed, they should be brought in according to the specific conditions.
  2. Unit cost: Cooling compressor units are the most important parts of cold storage projects.
  3. Accessories cost: these include cold storage doors, cooling fans, cooling towers, pumps, pipes, fluid reservoirs, separators, circuits, switches and so on.
  4. Incidental cost: such as transportation cost, construction cost and the cost of defrosting or drainage systems.

Factors affecting construction cost of cold storage

Refrigeration Compressor Unit

50,000m³cold storage

Price Of Compressor Refrigeration

Outside of cold storage

  1. Cold storage size
    The cold storage is calculated by the size of the cube. The larger the volume of cold storage, the lower the price of cold store. So it should be built according to its own situation.
  2. Different configuration schemes of cold storage depend on different prices
    Different configuration schemes of cold storage depend on the prices of different suppliers. Customers can choose according to their requirements. Different schemes can achieve different cooling effects and service life and maintenance costs are also variable.
  3. Thermal insulation material
    Thermal insulation materials are one of the largest factors of price variation for small-scale cold storage. Whether the insulation material is good will affect power consumption and cooling effects in later stages.
  4. Environmental conditions
    The environment temperature and humidity of cold storage will affect the selection of cold storage materials directly.
  5. Special function
    Some cold storage units with special functions are typically more expensive than standard cold storage units. Some examples of special functions include controlled atmosphere cold storage systems and explosion-proof warehouses.
  6. Refrigeration equipment
    Depending on the cooling scheme and requirements, different refrigeration equipment will be more suitable for certain performance metrics. The price will vary by brand and power.
  7. Partition
    The number of partitions can affect the price as they can alter the efficiency of the cold storage unit in general for better or worse depending on the quantity and installation design.

The data needed to provide

(1) The specific application and requirements of cold storage
(2) The area and volume of cold storage. Or length, width and height data of cold storage
(3) Whether the external wall of cold storage is completed
(4) The using temperature of cold storage

The Best Cold Storage Solution

The Beijing Howcool Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned company known for its dedication and great technology to build and design cold storage for different purposes and applications. We have the best expertise in cold storage and provide the equipment as per your need. The design and price of compressor refrigeration depend upon the usage of the parameters, and dimensions required for the cold storage. The advantages of being our customers are that you will receive each and every step of guidance in construction, installation, construction designing, and cost budgeting and last but not the least maintenance and service. The determination of temperature, application and other basic information will allow us to choose the required refrigeration unit, the thermal insulation material and the accessories of cold storage to come up with the final cost plan.


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