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Maintenance and Service

Haocool always develops service plans from the customer perspective first, including installation and construction services. We also provide customers with operational training and safety design to ensure that all worries about cold storage projects are eliminated.

Haocool has established service offices in Uzbekistan, Jamaica, across central Asian countries, and South American countries. We are also prepared to open more international offices in order to provide the most efficient customer services possible in the future.

Security guarantee

Considering that long distance international trade and the maintenance is not as timely as domestic, we will avoid failures as far as possible from the source. Specific measures include:

  • The circuit of unit adopts the parallel mode generally, so each unit can run independently. If there is a sudden failure in one unit, the normal refrigeration by other units will not be affected. So the safety is improved.
  • Main units choose high quality international brand such as Bitzer andRefComp in order to ensure the stability of refrigeration performance.
  • We will combine some factors like scale of cold storage and requirements of temperature to design different number of standby units, which can be used in rotation. So it can improve the service life of units and ensure stable refrigeration performance of cold storage.
  • We will prepare spare parts for quick-wear parts that may need to be replaced in the later period like expansion valve and cold storage lamp in project delivery time. After that we will also provide quick-wear parts for customers at a favorable price.

Installation and debugging

As an experienced cold storage contractor, Haocool will provide professional technical guidance, installation and debugging services to customers.

  • Haocool has a special overseas service team, which can reach the customer site to complete installation and construction.
  • After installation and debugging, we will provide customers training of cold storage operation process for free and other matters that need attention until customers can use them independently.
  • Certificate of qualification, instructions of refrigeration equipment and electronic control operation and relevant technical instructions will be handed over at delivery.

After-sale service

  • The guarantee period for refrigeration equipment is 12 months after acceptance. If there are quality problems in warranty period, we will provide service for free.
  • Our staff who provide after-sale service will visit customers regularly or irregularly to ensure service system.
  • We will provide maintenance service of units and help the overhaul of unit for customers.
  • In order to ensure units can maintain operating stability after delivery of the cold storage project, Haocool will communicate with the customer regularly, know its service conditions and solve customer’s problems in real-time.