Moisture-proof and mildew-proof measures in the construction of spice cold storage

1. Cold storage environment control:

Environmental control of spice cold storage is crucial to prevent moisture and mold. First of all, the humidity inside the cold storage should be controlled within a suitable range, usually between 50% and 60%. High humidity will cause the spices to absorb moisture and cause mold growth; low humidity will cause the spices to lose moisture and affect their quality. Therefore, air conditioners and humidifiers with humidity control functions should be selected to ensure the appropriate humidity level.

2. Cold storage air circulation:

 3. Moisture-proof treatment:

 In order to prevent moisture from entering the cold storage, some moisture-proof treatment measures need to be taken. First, the walls, ceilings and floors of the cold storage should be decorated with moisture-proof materials, such as moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof flooring, etc. Secondly, seal the cold storage doors and door gaps to reduce the possibility of moisture intrusion. Finally, a dehumidifier can be set up or a moisture absorbent can be used to maintain a suitable humidity inside the cold storage.

 4. Anti-mildew treatment: 

 Spices are susceptible to mold, so appropriate anti-mold treatment measures need to be taken. First, for larger spice containers, use jars or bags with good sealing performance to prevent air and humidity from entering. Second, check the spices regularly and clean and dispose of moldy spices in time. If mold is found, the contaminated spices should be removed immediately to avoid spreading to other spices. 

 5. Regular inspection and maintenance: 

 The moisture and mildew proof treatment of the cold storage needs to be checked and maintained regularly. Check the humidity, ventilation and air circulation inside the cold storage to ensure the normal operation of related equipment and systems. At the same time, clean the inside of the cold storage regularly to maintain a dry and clean environment.


 In the construction of spice cold storage, moisture-proof and mildew-proof treatment measures are the key to ensure the quality and durability of spices. By controlling the humidity of the cold storage environment, strengthening air circulation, taking moisture-proof treatment measures and regular maintenance, it is possible to effectively prevent moisture from entering the cold storage and mold growth, and keep the spices fresh and high quality. In daily management, it is also necessary to strengthen health supervision, clean and handle contaminated spices in a timely manner, to ensure that the spices in the cold storage are always in a good state of preservation.