Box Type Refrigeration unit

Product Description

This series box type  with      hermetic compressor and control box,which is compact and pleasant looking,the applicable temperature range are:-5~15℃,-5~5℃,-15~-25℃。


1、Including condensing unit,main control board,temp. control(optional),and operation board(optional)

2、With multi protection including phase protection,phase lack,over current,too constant  of compressor,discharge temp. and system high/low temp

3、with fan speed regulator,to adjust condensing fan according to condensing temp

4、with operation data display function,to check operation current of compressor,discharge temp. and condensing temp.

5、 with system alarm function,when fault effects, the system will make alarm beep sound to remind user

6、The operation board can show temp. setting ,defrosting control,operation system data checking and cold storage temp, alarm function . It can be installed apart from condensing unit from remote control