Hinged Door


Half of the door embedded in the door frame, the air-tightness and insulation performance is excellent.

Applicable environment : -45℃ — 50℃ small  cold storage,freezer,etc.


Door panel:

The plastic material and panel combine the shell, with integrated foaming of polyurethane, without the cold bridge, the heat preservation performance is extremely good。color steel sheet. do arc processing around the door.

Door frame:

Fitted with ecectric heating string for self-temperature control, there is no need to mount temperature control or manual switch power source.

Sealing string:

Flexible plastic built-in magnetic strips, can make up the small error caused

by manufacturing, the air-tight- ness is very good.

ing and press against door frame and floor when closing.


Used stainless steel or good galvanized material.

Escape device:

with escape and safety devices