-65℃ Ultra-low Temp. Cold Storage Project


  A well-known  enterprises in China, the need to build ultra-low temperature type cold storage, design storage temperature -65 degrees C. The construction area is 400 square, divided into 4 rooms. The project requires a 24-hour, all-weather temperature of -60 to -55 degrees. The temperature accuracy is 0.1 degrees, and the temperature difference in the library ± 2 degrees. The main storage of raw liquid.

  Verify with full-process temperature detection before use and provide performance confirmation Run confirmation device confirmation report. During the verification process, performance tests such as full load stability test, door opening job test, recovery stability test, power loss insulation test, temperature constantity test, etc. are carried out. Test performance is validated by 4Q. Refrigeration equipment using PLC centralized management system, field operation and remote access management. Enable mobile, WEB, and cold storage access.

  At present, the project has been delivered to use half a year, through half a year operation test down, cold storage internal temperature uniform performance is normal, cold storage equipment through the cold season and hot season test. Here, combined with the experience of many projects that have been built, on the ultra-low temperature cold storage construction process of some technical issues, do some technology sharing exchanges.

Before Project

1, before the construction of the project, the requirements of technical analysis and clear project use purposes.

2, the construction needs to consider the cold storage performance materials, thermal sealing performance, refrigeration equipment performance, maintenance performance

3, after the completion of the use of convenience and fault check guarantee


  Generally speaking, the construction area of ultra-low temperature cold storage will not be very large. Hundreds or dozens of squares. The general application area of the biopharmaceutical industry is not large. Only in the food storage and refrigeration industry, such as tuna cold storage, may have a large ultra-low temperature cold storage. Ultra-low temperature cold storage area is large, when the use of enterprising goods is not convenient. Furthermore, the environment generally using ultra-low temperature is to do experiments or tests, there is very little area of ultra-low temperature cold storage.

2, Ultra-low temperature type cold storage temperature zone settings

  Ultra-low temperature cold storage, generally set the normal temperature zone—- buffer work area —- low temperature cold storage area, the temperature setting generally follow the room temperature —– buffer 0 to -18 degrees—– low temperature storage area three temperature zone. Between the temperature zones at all levels to do a good job of door body seal insulation treatment, refrigeration equipment independent control.

3, Ultra-low temperature cold storage insulation structure is the focus

  Most prone to run cold knot leakage, door frame easy to freeze, drainage blockage, door body door insulation structure, insulation materials generally use PIR200 to 250mm above polyurethane five-sided or hexagonal insulation plate, ground insulation needs to consider waterproof antifreeze and anti-pressure load. Drainage leakage is generally not set in the cryogenic reservoir. Set condensate leakage outside the library. The low temperature library door is equipped with a high-power axial air curtain machine to block the loss of hot and cold air caused by the temperature difference inside and outside the library. Avoid large fog in the doorway area.

Processing Area

Ultra-Low Temperature Cold Storage

Ultra-Low Temperature Cold Storage

4、Equipment Machine

  Ultra-low temperature cold storage generally uses cascade refrigerating machine refrigeration compressor units, refrigerants are generally R404, R507 and R23 stacking, or R404A, R507 and R508 stacking. Indoor evaporators are made of low-temperature fan or copper drain pipe. Refrigeration equipment generally uses two sets or more sets of equipment, play a backup or maintenance role.

  The overlapping refrigeration system is the most important form of refrigeration system in the ultra-low temperature range of -160 to -40 degrees C. The overlapping cooling cycle usually consists of two or more separate cooling systems. Binary stacking refrigeration systems are a widely used technology for the production of temperatures ranging from -80 to -40 degrees C. The two subsystems of the binary stacking refrigeration system independently constitute their respective cycles, have a suitable pressure ratio, can choose different refrigeration quality, can also use mixed refrigeration quality, avoid the problem of uneven oil return, so that COP achieves the best, the lower the evaporation temperature, the more obvious the advantages of the overlap refrigeration system, and the compressor pressure ratio not only directly affects the operating parameters, but also indirectly reflects the operating cost and life of the compressor. The 3-folding system is suitable for use between -80 degrees C and -160 degrees C. Stacking refrigeration system is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, light industry, scientific research and other processes in need of low-temperature cooling, freezing industry, but also used in a variety of ultra-low temperature laboratory low temperature cold source.

(Cascade refrigerating machine)

Ultra-Low Temperature Cold Storage  Ultra-Low Temperature Cold Storage

Ultra-Low Temperature Cold Storage 

5、Refrigeration system pipeline valve

Due to the low-temperature refrigerant working fluid in the refrigeration system, the general pipeline insulation adopts foam molding and metal shell protection to avoid the phenomenon of cold running and freezing in the refrigeration system pipeline.

6、Electrical System

  All electrical circuits inside the cold storage should use low-temperature resistant and flame-retardant wires, and all pipe holes should be strictly sealed and plugged. Low-temperature-resistant lighting fixtures are used for lighting. Various monitoring sensors use special products

7、Security inside the library

  Operators entering and leaving the low-temperature storage room generally have more than two people operating. Distress alarm devices are installed in the storage room, and there are response alarm signals outside the storage room and the office, which can play a role in ensuring the safety of personnel in emergency situations.

8、Verification of cold storage

  Comply with the national regulations on GSP drug management quality, drug production quality management standards, and Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards. After the cold storage is implemented, 3Q or 4Q performance certification should be performed in accordance with the standards before formal use.

9、During the use of ultra-low temperature cold storage

     Pay attention to the insulation structure and the airtightness around the door and the stable performance of the refrigeration equipment. Pay attention to the safe operation rules for personnel entry and exit to avoid accidents.

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