Elementor #10324

1000t vegetable cold storage project

The customer mainly grows various kinds of vegetables. There are 1000 hectares of vegetable land in the local area. We provide the customer with the cold storage construction of the fresh-keeping pre cooling processing center. The daily storage capacity is 1000 tons, and the daily turnover capacity is 500 tons. The vegetables are mainly collected from the farm, pre cooled and refrigerated, and then transported to other agricultural product trading centers nationwide for trading.

The farm cold storage covers an area of 1 hectare, with pre cooling room, cold storage room and unloading platform. Through this cold storage center, the farm vegetables can be better sold to markets all over the country.

Freon piston refrigeration compressor unit and automatic control system are used in the cold storage. Since the project has been used for 3 years, the whole equipment has operated normally.

The following is the project picture