8、General Failure and Solution

The installed cold storage will inevitably have some small failures during the process of putting it into use. In order not to affect our use of the cold storage and solve the cold storage failures encountered, then learn some common maintenance knowledge when using the cold storage. Eliminate cold storage failures in a short time to reduce losses. Beijing Haoshuang Refrigeration recommends a few related tips about finding a professional cold storage after installation, I hope it will be helpful to everyone:



We need to keep the cold storage equipment such as the oil level and return condition of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it should be solved in time to avoid poor lubrication.


  No cooling or cooling performance is poor. 



   I :Check whether the condenser of the refrigerator is dirty. Check whether the frost is too thick on the evaporator in the warehouse. Professionals can check the refrigeration equipment for leaks. And ask professional cold storage installers to add refrigerant.

II :Check whether the seal of the installed cold storage door continues to be kept intact, and then start to check whether the refrigerator in the combined cold storage is working. Check and try whether the previously set parameters of the computer control equipment of the cold storage are kept correct and reassemble the cold storage door installation. Check whether the control equipment of the cold storage is out of order, and replace it if there is a problem. Check whether there are enough gaps for the items stacked in the warehouse and clear them


3. It is necessary to pay attention to frequently observe whether the operating status of the refrigeration equipment in the cold storage is in good condition, and observe how the temperature is. During seasonal operation, pay special attention to the operating status of the system, and adjust the liquid supply and condensing temperature of the system in time.


4. Once the combined cold storage door is installed and used too frequently or does not start for a long time, or it does not stop after a long time, or the storage temperature is not enough, it will stop.




Cold Storage Engineering
5. The operating status of the compressor should be observed by observing the changes of the instrument, listening to the sound of the machine running, and touching the temperature change of the machine. If the compressor is found to have gas leakage, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
6. The lighting in the library does not light up. Please check if the switch is malfunctioning and the bulb is damaged. When checking, cut off the power supply and pay attention to the waterproof of the lamp when installing the lampshade




  7. The combination cold storage door is not closed tightly. Please adjust the hinge on the door and the distance between the door lock and the storage body.


The above are the common faults and solutions of cold storage shared by professional cold storage installation company Beijing Howcool Refrigeration. It should be noted that we should implement regular maintenance and routine maintenance of professional cold storage to maintain the high efficiency of compressor operation and extend the use time of cold storage.