7、How do large-scale cold storage engineering companies calculate the cost of cold storage?

How do large-scale cold storage engineering companies calculate the cost of cold storage?

Beijing Howcool Refrigeration will take you to find out that many people are very concerned about the cost of cold storage. In fact, in the cold storage design and construction industry, the construction of cold storage is calculated and estimated based on square meters. Let’s take a look at how the cost of cold storage is. In the calculation, Beijing Haoshuang Refrigeration, a large-scale cold storage engineering company, stated that the cost of cold storage is actually directly related to the temperature and capacity of the cold storage.

   Factors affecting the cost of cold storage:

  1. When the cold storage starts to be designed and constructed, it is necessary to select and consider the construction location of the cold storage. The location of the cold storage for vegetable storage should be as convenient as possible, away from residential areas, with good drainage conditions around it, and low groundwater levels.

  2. Cold storage floor insulation: you can directly choose cold storage insulation board splicing during construction, or you can choose the relatively low-cost XPS extruded board (different materials and different thicknesses determine the cost).

  3. The price of cold storage construction is actually related to the selection of refrigeration equipment. In the current market, there are many different refrigeration equipment brands, and these brands often affect the quality of cold storage.

  4. Large-scale cold storage compartments with different functions will also result in different cost of cold storage with the same volume. This is because the number of compartments affects cold storage refrigeration equipment and cold storage insulation boards.

   5. Cold storages with different functions require different standards. The GSP standard is required for medical cold storage, which is also higher than other vegetable storage cold storages.

Beijing Howcool Refrigeration, a large-scale cold storage engineering company, suggests that when building a cold storage, we should first consider how to design the capacity of a two-hundred-ton cold storage. At the beginning of the construction of the cold storage, it should be based on the length, width and height required by the customer. To design, according to different proportions can help us better calculate the cost of the cold storage, and can also make the utilization rate of the cold storage a little higher, Call Us: 1599991368.