6、How much is the investment in the construction of the low-temperature cold storage warehouse for the customized 18,000-ton food logistics center?

Before we introduce the investment cost of building a low-temperature cold storage warehouse in the food logistics center, let’s first analyze the costs of preparing for the next project from project establishment to landing operation.

Fruit Preservation Cold Storage

Civil construction costs are mainly divided into two forms, which are relatively common. The construction of a 18,000-ton food low-temperature cold storage warehouse can be a single-layer steel structure or a multi-layer steel-concrete structure. So what we are going to say today is “Which building structure cold storage is more suitable for me?” Give the answer directly: from the perspectives of use, customer groups, land resources, investment costs, and utilization. We will explain the detailed knowledge here in the next issue or call us directly.

The major factors affecting the cost of cold storage are the brand of equipment and materials, the selected system method, the required functions and temperature, and the layout of the compartments. What kind of low-temperature warehouse is the built food logistics center?
It is an urban distribution warehouse, a regional distribution warehouse, a logistics weekly transformation warehouse, etc. Because it is a low-temperature warehouse of a food logistics center, it is not known that your cold storage is used for urban distribution, regional distribution, and logistics turnover.
Let’s take the urban distribution warehouse as an example. It is conceivable that there are many types of goods in the cold storage, and the temperature of the goods is different. Therefore, the problem of cold storage compartmentation must be reasonably planned and the square The area should also be reserved enough. The turnover transportation of goods in the low-temperature warehouse of urban distribution is indispensable. The area of the square area of the low-temperature cold storage warehouse of the food and food logistics center, the design of the unloading platform, and the equipment for transporting goods in and out of the cold storage are all required. Take it into consideration. The types of goods stored in the low-temperature cold storage warehouse of the Food Logistics Center are different. According to the temperature, they are divided into cold storage, freezer, and special type of cold storage. Different goods are stored at different temperatures.
Cold storage: The freezing point of general fresh food is mostly at -2°C, because the types of goods are different, and the storage temperature is also different.
Freezer: The temperature of frozen food is below -23℃.
Special cold storage: Special cold storage means that the goods in the storage have special temperature and humidity, which can simultaneously control the temperature and humidity in the storage.

The investment in the cost of warehouse equipment applies for forklifts, pallets, shelves, automatic conveying equipment, management system software, etc. These things we need to focus on the budget part.

Fruit Preservation Cold Storage

Including the energy consumption and labor management costs required for the operation of the refrigeration system need to be highlighted.
So back to the topic, how much is the investment in the construction of a conventional 18,000-ton food logistics center low-temperature cold storage warehouse? In fact, this problem cannot be generalized. It is necessary to refer to the purpose and positioning of each customer and give a more suitable solution. Plan quotation consultation ~ ~ Haoshuang Refrigeration.
The development trend of low temperature warehouse in food logistics center
Now the demand for low-temperature warehouses in the food logistics center is increasing, and the sales volume of quick-frozen food will exceed 20 million tons, which will increase by nearly 20%, because the actual transportation requirements across the country are about 400 to 500 million tons. Among them, only 20%~30% have realized the transportation of cold chain logistics, so how to ensure that the goods in the low-temperature warehouse of the food logistics center can be guaranteed.