Insulation Sliding Door for cold storage


Adopt the same insulation material with  the cold storage panel,basic plate with the double size color steel .The ground part is with anti freezing device, Electric heating protection device must be installed with safety measures to prevent leakage.,All the cold storage doors have safety escape devices to prevent people accidentally trapped in the library, cold storage door surrounded by wear-resistant sealing seal, to reduce loss and operating costs

The features of manual sliding door’s structure

Door Type:

Manual,electrical sliding

Opening Type:

Single ,Double opening

Door panel

Fully enclosed without frame structure, the panel is made of stainless steel sheet or color steel sheet. 

Door frame

Made of aluminum alloy or C steel enveloped by stainless steel, it is tidy in

appearance and durable, the disadvantage of corrosion against wooden door frame

is conquered.

Guide rail device

Made of aluminum alloy,its guides wheel device acts together with compression

wheel device so that the door can separate with door frame when opening and press

against door frame and floor when closing.

Sealing string

Low temperature resistance, oil resistance, made of high elastic EPDM.

Heating wire

Automatic constant temperature 220V or 36V low voltage heating zone.


The metal parts of door panel are of high precision stainless steel material.

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