Sectional Door


1. The door panel material

Double-layer hot  galvanized embossed steel sheet, the surface is pressed with uniform columnar stripes, and the core material is polyurethane. The surface of the door panel is treated with polyester, and the colors are white, almond, brown (other colors need to be arranged separately).
2. Door size range:

width 2440mm-12000mm; height 2130mm-15000mm.
3. Door thickness 40mm, thermal resistance coefficient R=14.96, 18.25
4. Rail control:

There are 2-inch (51mm) and 3-inch (76mm) rails, all of which are made of 1.5-3.0mm thick hot galvanized galvanized steel. Standard rail, low rail, high lift rail, vertical lift rail and inclined shed lift rail.
5. Balance system

External torsion spring balance system, the working life of the torsion spring is 100,000 working cycles.
6. Sealing performance

U-shaped vinyl sealing strip at the bottom, anti-freezing, moisture-proof and waterproof infiltration, sealing with grooved sealing strips on the side and top, and sealing with convex grooves and thermal insulation pipes or strips at the joints between door panels.
7. Safety performance:

optional airbags (the door will automatically rebound when it is closed), anti-wire rope breakage equipment (the door body can be locked at any time in the event of an accident during operation), and infrared safety protection can also be installed.
8. Small Door

Access door According to needs, when the width of the door body is less than 5500mm, various sizes of access doors can be selected.
9. Observation window

Various sizes of observation windows can be selected as required.
10. Wind resistance

110Km/h——equivalent to wind power level 11.

The flame retardant test has reached the national A-level standard.
12. Motor

Industrial door opener Imported DC industrial motor, with temperature-sensitive circuit breaker motor protection, overload protection
13. Control method
* Manual operation Use the control chain to realize the mechanical and electrical clutch, and manual operation can be carried out when the power is cut off.
* Wireless remote control function Provide fast and convenient wireless control

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