Double Spiral Freezer

Quick-freezing machine can produce continuously, with stable temperature, fast preservation, single-room single-temperature and double-control, the same quick-freezing machine can freeze multiple products at the same time, with high efficiency and diversification;

Double Spiral Freezer




6~30 layer

Insulation Panel

PIR/PU Insulation Panel, double side steel

Belt Width


In-feed Length


Out-feed Length


Control Panel

PLC touch screen control

304 steel


Freon ,Ammonia,CO2


Aluminum/Stainless Tube。Aluminum fins


Water/Air /ADF

Cooling time

Stepless variable frequency adjustable


Manual  belt cleaning 


It is suitable for the single quick freezing of granular or small block food, and the large size is also suitable for the single freezing of large size frozen products such as fast food, whole chicken and whole fish. Double-spiral freezing device, feeding from low and discharging from low, can be connected with the customer’s front and rear processing production lines on the ground, which is convenient to use.


  1. Equipped with a high-efficiency and hygienic evaporator, using an advanced liquid supply method, the heat exchange efficiency is more than 20% higher than that of the traditional form.
  2. The unique symmetrical and smooth annular air duct design enhances the heat exchange effect.
  3. Conveying devices such as food-grade stainless steel mesh belts and plastic mesh belts can be selected.
  4. The library body adopts the library board made by Sifang’s unique fully imported library board production line, and the quality is stable and reliable.
  5. Equipped with intelligent central control system, equipped with automatic detection and alarm light devices, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

Customized range

  1. All equipment is non-standard design according to different frozen products and customer requirements.
  2. The production capacity is from 200kg/h to 10000kg/h.
  3. The diameter of the spiral cage is optional from 1200mm to 4550mm.
  4. The width of the conveyor belt is optional from 400~1372mm (16~54 inches).
  5. The feeding and discharging conveying device can be selected according to customer requirements.
  6. The position and direction of in and out materials are selected according to customer requirements and site restrictions.
  7. The library body can be equipped with all-welded type.
  8. Optional CIP automatic cleaning system can efficiently clean the inside of the freezer and reduce downtime.
  9. Optional ADF air defrosting system, continuous defrosting, so that the quick freezer can work continuously for a long time.