Tunnel Freezer

Quick-freezing machine can produce continuously, with stable temperature, fast preservation, single-room single-temperature and double-control, the same quick-freezing machine can freeze multiple products at the same time, with high efficiency and diversification;

1、Envelope Insulation System

(1) The warehouse board adopts double-sided stainless steel self-extinguishing flame retardant polyurethane sandwich heat insulation board, the panel adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the thickness of the outer plate is 0.8mm and more than 0.5mm.

(2) Bulk density requirements ≥40kg/m3; thermal conductivity ≤0.024w/m.k; self-extinguishing ≤7 seconds.

The thermal insulation storage body is designed with a buffer compartment, which effectively isolates the quick-freezing area, which not only prevents cold running, but also saves energy.

(3) There is an adjustable bottom leg at the bottom of the storage body, and the entire equipment is isolated from the ground through the bottom leg; it is convenient for cleaning work.

(4) The whole bottom surface of the warehouse is made of stainless steel and has a certain slope, so that the drainage is smooth and does not accumulate water.

(5) The inspection door is equipped with double hinged double-door inserts with low temperature, aging and oil resistant sealing double rubber strips, and is equipped with an anti-freezing heating system, which can ensure that the box door can be opened freely.

2、Belt Delivery system

(1) The transmission system consists of conveying mesh belt, mesh belt supporting parts, transmission shaft, sprocket, reducer and other parts.

(2) The conveyor belt chain mesh is made of food-grade SUS304 spring steel wire. The mesh surface is flat, with high strength and long service life. The mesh spacing can be designed according to the needs of use.

(3) The friction part of the mesh belt and the guide rail is made of ultra-high polymer wear-resistant polyethylene material, which does not drop chips and ensures the safety of frozen products;

(4) The transmission drive adopts variable frequency reducer, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which can be adjusted according to the processing requirements of different products.

(5) The mesh belt tensioning device adopts a strong tensioning design, and the SUS304 stainless steel bearing seat is easy to adjust and prevents the mesh belt from running off and loosening.

(6) The platform of the feeding port is fortified with a super-high and over-limit device for materials, and an adjustable stainless steel windshield and heat preservation device; the platform of the feeding port is equipped with automatic blanking